Two Handed CAT Tourniquet Application

Courtesy of Archangel Dynamics

This week we will cover two handed application of the GEN 7 CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet) from North American Rescue. Scroll down to last week’s post on one handed application, and the prior week’s post on indications for tourniquet placement. The CAT is a very easy to use Tourniquet. There are numerous studies showing its efficacy, and it is recommended by the CoTCCC. Additionally, it has a very long track record with many, many documented saves. They are affordable, light weight and compact – there is no reason to not carry one with you daily.

Please note – reading a Blog post or watching a YouTube video is not the same as actually training with this, or any other medical device. We highly recommend that you seek professinal training, either through us or any of the other great small businesses out there in your area offering this type of training. PM us and we are happy to point you to many of our parters across the country! Images courtesy of North American Rescue.

Step 1: Route the band around the limb, pass the red tip through the slit of the buckle, and position tourniquet 2-3″ above the bleeding site. If the most proximal bleeding site is not readily identifiable, place the tourniquet as high as possible on the limb.

Step 2: Pull band TIGHTLY and fasten it back on itself all the way around the limb, but not over the rod clips. Band should be tight enough that tips of three (3) fingers cannot be slid between the band and the limb. If the tips of three (3) fingers slide under band, retighten and re-secure.

Step 3: Twist the windlass until the bleeding has stopped.

Step 4: Snap the rod inside a clip to lock it in place. Check for bleeding and distal pulse. If bleeding is not controlled, or distal pulse is present, consider more tightening or applying a second tourniquet above and adjacent to the first. Reassess.

Step 5: Route the band over the rod and between the clips. Secure with the grey securing strap. Record time of application.

You can purchase your own GEN 7 CAT from the Archangel Dynamics webstore here.