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Skallywag Aluminum Dagger

Don’t let the red color fool you this knife is not a trainer.

This dagger is made of 6061 aluminum (the same aluminum used in the Audi A8 chassis and in SCUBA tanks). A fuller on each side of the blade lightens the weight and provides added stability to the extremely light blade. The knife comes in at 1.3 ounces. Even with the sheath the total package only weighs 2.2 ounces, the same weight as the Benchmade SOCP knife by itself.

The handle has a large 2-inch deployment hole that is large enough to draw the dagger with gloved hands. The dagger comes to an extremely sharp point. This dagger is made for a singular purpose, and it is extremely efficient at that singular task of stabbing things.

The sheath doesn’t have the retention of the SOCP, but is pretty decent none the less.


7.75″ Overall Length

2.5″ Edge Length

.25″ Thickness

1.3 oz Knife Weight

2.2 oz Knife and Sheath Weight