Free Product Reviews Statement

If you have a physical product of any kind that relates to the EDC Community. We welcome manufactures and makers to submit their product(s) for review. Your product must be sent to us in order for us to conduct a proper review. If it is a virtual product or a service you wish for us to review, we will need appropriate documentation, links and/or access to items and info prior to the review. You will be responsible for shipping costs. WE CANNOT POST YOUR REVIEW UNTIL WE RECEIVE THE PRODUCT(S).

All our reviews are 100% honest and accurate according to the person conducting the review. It will also be strictly EDC Today Magazine’s opinion. Though we will never purposely disparage a product or service, we may from time to time present pros and cons of using your product or service. PLEASE NOTE: IT IS OUR POLICY TO ONLY GIVE FAVORABLE AND HONEST REVIEWS. HOWEVER, IF WE DO NOT FEEL THAT WE CAN PRESENT A FAVORABLE REVIEW FOR YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE, WE WILL NOTIFY YOU AND WILL NOT CONDUCT THE REVIEW. NO EXCEPTIONS.

We will give a fair and impartial review of the product and publish the review online and/or in our electronic magazine. Please note that while we will inform you when we publish your review, we will not give you the opportunity to edit or preview the review before it’s posted.

If your product or service is accepted for review, then you will also receive free ad space through one or more of our online formats. Size of ad and duration of ad are provided at our discretion. Free ads will run no longer than 90 calendar days.

If you strongly object to our review, send us an email and we will make necessary edits at our discretion. We will only delete reviews in rare circumstances.

The social media promotion will typically be in a one-time push announcement across our major accounts including Instagram, Facebook and on our website

We do not accept paid endorsements.

You have the right to request sample product back after review only if the you have checked the box for Product Return Requested on the Product Review Agreement below.

See Terms and Conditions in the form below.



(hereafter "Manufacturer") and EDC Today Magazine (hereafter "Reviewer") hereby agree to the following stipulations concerning a product review of:

(hereafter "Product"):

The Manufacturer will provide of the Product to the Reviewer free of charge, including shipping costs, within .

The Reviewer will have 30 Days to use/examine/test the Product. The Reviewer agrees to examine and assemble the Product properly, and to read and follow all included instructions before testing. If there are any issues, the Reviewer agrees to notify the Manufacturer and exchange models before continuing.

The Reviewer will submit a review of the Product to no later than 60 Days after receiving the product. The review will be completely unbiased, with no text censored or removed except for inappropriate material or to meet a word count requirement.

The {Reviewer/Manufacturer/Publication} agrees to include a notice that the Reviewer has received the product free of charge in return for an honest review.

The Reviewer may not resell or auction the Product. However, the Reviewer is free to giveaway the product in any manner the Reviewer deems appropriate.

Product Return Requested I, the Manufacturer, wish to receive my product back and will prepay for return shipping.

The Publication has 30 days after receiving the review to publish it.

Terms and Conditions
I, the Manufacturer have read and agrees to the Free Product Review Statement.

In witness to their agreement to the terms of this contract, the parties affix their signatures below:
I, the Manufacturer understand that if my product or service is accepted for review that I will receive ad space in the electronic edition of EDC Today Magazine and/or the online website. I further understand that it is solely at the discretion of EDC Today Magazine to determine how large my ad space will be, what formats my ad will be in, and the duration of my ad.

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