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RCT Defender a Great Alternative to the Benchmade SOCP

I have been thoroughly impressed by the Ravencrest Tactical (RCT) Defender Spike. The Defender has the same steel as the Benchmade SOCP. Mine came razor sharp out of the box. My SOCP has dull edges, though it is understood that the SOCP is meant for stabbing. The Defender is 1.75″ longer, giving the knife slightly more reach than the SOCP. Stabbing tests with the Defender are extraordinary, with a thicker and longer blade it outperforms the SOCP in reach, but not in draw speed.

This extra stabbing power does come with a slightly less ergonomical feel. The SOCP is slightly larger than your hand so it feels like you are holding a pocket knife. The Defender extends about 5 inches out of my hand. The SOCP also feels feather light and feels more finished.

Though both knives are mainly intended to stab an opponent in close quarters, they both flip extremely well. The Defender slightly outperforms the SOCP when doing tricks or for long-reach offensive moves. Flipping the Defender out into the Extended Grip, affords nearly 2 inches more of reach which could be the difference between hitting your target or swinging in midair. The SOCP has jimping half way up the handle which affords other offensive grips.

The clip has a much greater retention than the pocket clip on the SOCP. The best placement for the Defender is to affix the kydex sheath to your belt. It secures the knife quite well, and it is easy to forget it is there. Wearing a slightly baggy shirt prevents any printing. Speaking of sheaths, I prefer the kydex sheath over the injection molded plastic one that is included with the SOCP. But I do have the Gen 2 SOCP with the modified clip, so it secures in the pocket well without the need to perform the Nite-Ize eClipse replacement.

Benchmade – SOCP Dagger 176 with Black Sheath, Skeletonized Dagger