The Book of Samurai Book One: Fundamental Teachings

The Book of Samurai is a set of two books with each being an English translation of two scrolls. The scrolls are from the samurai school Natori-Ryu. The series is written by Antony Cummins and Yoshie Minami who translated the scrolls by Natori Masazumi . Natori-Ryu was a dead samurai school until Antony Cummins approached the Natori family and got their official blessing to re-establish and lead the new Natori-Ryu school.

The most famous scroll from the Natori-Ryu school is the Shoninki. It describes the espionage skills needed by the Shinobi (Ninja).

The first book, The Book of Samurai: Fundamental Teachings covers the basic instructions an individual samurai needs to know. This first book includes the scrolls Heika Jodan no Maki and Ippei Yoko.

Heika Jodan covers the following articles:

  • The Five Foundations
  • The Twelve Tools of Virtue
  • Skills List for the Scroll Heika Jodan
  • Times of Peace
  • Houses
  • Travel
  • Night Time
  • Emergencies
  • Striking
  • Revenge
  • Accusations
  • Strength in war

The second scroll, Ippei Yoko, teaches the important points for the independent samurai. Its articles include:

  • Weapons
  • Categories of Samurai
  • Equipment, Military Gear and Tools
  • The War Horse
  • Hiring Servants
  • Military terms
  • Samurai Pay
  • Castle Design
  • Setting a Signal Fire
  • Mysticism & Determining Attack Times
  • Food
  • Water
  • Armor
  • Shelter
  • Attack Tactics
  • Military Travel

Book One is the beginners manual for the Samurai. It should be read before proceeding to Book Two, which deals with more detailed tactics of war.

The second book is Samurai Arms, Armour, & the Tactics of Warfare