Fantastic Folder Showdown

Coast Products is a company out of Portland, Oregon. Coast was established in 1919 by Henry Brands. Their first product was a specialized fillet knife featured a scoop on the back of the blade that made it possible to slice, fillet, and clean a salmon with just one tool.

The LX237 carries on a tradition of excellence. It is super light, but locks up tight. It’s action is smooth as butter. And it features a lifetime warranty. That is pretty amazing for a $13 product. The FRN handle has a grippy diamond pattern that gives solid purchase on the handle. Though vigorous cutting tasks will cause some discomfort.

The knife features stout spine jimping, and jimping on the liner lock.

Due to the slimmed down choil, the LX237 has the same edge length as the Meadowlark and F759M.

The steel is 3Cr13, and is most closely related to 420J2. It is an entry-level stainless steel, and though it is softer than 440C it has amazing stainless properties.


Rating 1 being the best and 5 being the worst

Edge Retention 4
Best Corrosion Resistance 1
One-handed Closing 1
Handle Purchase 3
Feel in the Hand (Comfort) 0
Ease of Operation 1
Fit and Finish 3
Weight 1



You can purchase the Coast LX237 on Amazon