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Fantastic Folder Showdown 3

Ganzo is a Chinese knife company. There is some disagreement in the EDC community behind the ethics of clone and homage knives, which Ganzo is famous for producing. Issue 2 will cover this topic in more detail. The point of this article is to simply compare the knives.

The F759M is identical in specs to the Meadowlark 2. With one exception. The “Bryd Hole” is replaced with an oval hole. The handle pattern is also slightly different. The F759M patterns is smooth squares, while the FRN Meadowloark 2 has pronounced angled scales. The Meadowlark 2 is much more grippy.

The F759M also has a gritty feeling when opening direct from the factory. This is easily remedied with disassembly and cleaning and oiling the bushings.

In every other way the knife appears identical to the Meadowlark 2. Including the same cutout pattern of the stainless steel liners. Except the F759M has 440C steel.


Rating 1 being the best and 5 being the worst

Edge Retention 2
Best corrosion Resistance 2
One-handed Closing 2
Handle purchase 2
Feel in the Hand (Comfort) 3
Ease of operation 2
Fit and Finish 4
Weight 2