Fantastic Folder Showdown 2


Delica 4 is one of the most well EDC knives.

The Delica 4 is offered in a full-flat grind, however the knife chosen for this review has a non-reflective VG-10 blade that is coated with black titanium carbonitride and is flat saber-ground. A combination edge was chosen for practical EDC purposes.

The Delica 4 and the Meadowlark 2 have the same Phosphor bronze washers, providing butter smooth operation.

The 4.25” handle is perfect ergonomically speaking. It fills the hand well, and provides the best comfort of all the knives reviewed.

That comfort, however comes at a hefty price tag. This knife as tested is $85. The plain flat grind is around $65.

The Meadowlark 2, also made by Spyderco, is around $20. So is the Delica 4 worth four times as much as the Meadowlark. Well as I learned in the Army, it depends.

Rating 1 being the best and 5 being the worst

Edge Retention 1
Best corrosion Resistance 3
One-handed Closing 2
Handle purchase 1
Feel in the Hand (Comfort) 1
Ease of operation 2
Fit and Finish 1
Weight 3

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Spyderco Delica 4 Flat Ground Plain Edge Knife