Dollar Store Prep List

Below, you will find suggestions of essential items that you can pick up from just about any dollar store to add to your Bug Out Bags, 72 Hour Bags, Medical kits and more.

o Kitchen Matches
o Pack of Lighters
o Batteries
o Heirloom Seeds
o Alcohol Cooking Gel
o Bottled Water
o Bandana
o Band Aids
o Rain Poncho
o Toys and Activities
o Cotton Balls
o Flashlights
o Work Gloves
o Nuts and Trail Mix
o Ramen
o Coffee Filters
o Kitchen Knives
o Folding Knife
o Can Opener
o Tin Foil
o Plastic Containers
o Ziploc Bags
o Trash Bags
o Canned Food
o Tampons
o Oral Numbing Gel
o Glow Sticks
o Reading Glasses
o Crayon
o Gauze
o Hydrocortisone Cream
o Pencil Sharpener
o Screwdrivers
o Tweezers
o Bleach
o Magnifying Glass
o Scrubs
o Socks
o Baby Wipes
o OTC Meds
o Wine
o Hydrogen Peroxide
o Isopropyl Alcohol
o First Aid Supplies
o Mouse Trap
o Steel Wool Pads
o Steel Wire
o Twine
o Multi-Purpose Rope
o Bungee Cord
o Pepper Spray
o Straws
o Shammy Pad
o Compass
o Space Blanket
o Candles
o Insect Repellent
o Mesh Laundry Basket
o Toothbrushes
o Hand Sanitizer
o Toilet Paper (Emergency)
o Sports Tape
o Triple Antibiotic Ointment
o N95 Face Mask
o Carabiners
o Razor
o Travel Sewing Kit
o Scissors
o Puzzle Book
o Coloring Book
o Bible
o Kleenex
o Dental Floss
o Hair Ties
o Manicure Set
o Chapstick
o Safety Pins
o Rubber Bands
o Combs
o Deck of Cards
o Notebook
o Pens and Pencils
o Hats
o Scarves
o Plates and Cups
o Anti-bacterial Towelettes
o Baking Soda
o Boxed Food
o Cable Ties
o Car Towels
o Clothesline and Pins
o Condiments
o Compact Mirror
o Cutting Board
o Duct Tape
o Epsom Salt
o Funnel
o Ear Plugs
o Ice and Heat Packs
o Lotions
o Petroleum Jelly
o Spices