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Dollar Store EDC

You’ve only got $5 and need some EDC essentials to get through the day or the week. But where do you turn? Amazingly, your local dollar store could have your answer. For less than $5 I was able to get everything pictured to here.


The Knife

It has crap steel. The knife is dull is and only has an edge on the presentation side of the blade. The blade edge is also 90% serrated. The handles are made of plastic, and is surprisingly comfortable in the hand.

This is the definition of a throw away knife. It cost $1.00 and if I needed a throw away knife and had nothing else I’d sharpen and carry it.

The Flashlight

I was able to buy two different LCD flashlights each one cost $1.00. The Sunbeam Travel-size is the better of the two. It has a brighter lumen level, and has an aluminium body. The Plastic Tactical Flashlight has an adjustable beam, but it is difficult to adjust.

The Sunbeam Travel-size is a fantastic light and well worth the $1.00 price tag. It is roughly 200 lumens. Not only is it bright but it is also an excellent size for EDC.

Paracord Bracelet

I chose this as it supplied 7 feet of paracord for only $1.00. There are typically other colors, but there was only breast cancer awareness ones when I went. Sometimes you can also purchase 25 feet of paracord for $1.00.


I chose to pick up Multi-purpose cleaning clothes for this as they are more absorbent than regular cotton and there are two.