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Book Review – The Counter Kidnap and Hostage Survival Handbook

Due to the nature of the material, specifics can’t be discussed in this review.

The Counter Kidnap and Hostage Survival Handbook is an excellent little book on how to avoid becoming a hostage or in the event that you are kidnapped it will…help you deal with the psychological aspects of captivity and to help you plan an escape.

Avoiding Capture
The first 26 pages cover tips and hints to make you a hard target (e.g. difficult to kidnap). It covers how kidnappers choose targets, counter-surveillance tips, and how to prep your home, vehicle and family members to avoid capture. It also provides practical tips when traveling as well.

Hostage & Escape
The next 30 pages cover the dreadful scenario of becoming a hostage. This section outlines the stages of adaption to captivity and how to psychologically evaluate your captors. It also lays out mental preparation before becoming a hostage.

The last section deals dealing with the mental health issues that arise after captivity. This section deals with readjusting to life, and dealing with stress, PTSD and depression.

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