A Bible is Essential to Bug-Out

Closeup of wooden Christian cross on bible

The ultimate Bug Out Bag (BOB) will have high quality gear and be light and easily mobile. In survival situations that require a BOB weight is one of the most important factors for being able to bug out effectively and quickly. However, no bug out bag is complete without a copy of the bible. Weight reduction is very important, but spiritual help in a crisis is immensely important. The Scriptures are wort their additional weight.

Stress Reduction

Survival situations are stressful. To help determine stress levels during a bug out situation, it is helpful to look at stress levels of refugees in war torn countries.

According to Refugee Health Technical Assistance Center, “refugees are frequently separated from family members, robbed, forced to inflict pain or kill, witness torture or killing, and/or lose close family members or friends and endure extremely harsh environmental conditions.”

These events in themselves are traumatic, compounded with the necessity to flee an area of conflict only exasperates the stress levels. In the Journal of Clinical Medicine’s article on Mental Health Effects of Stress over the Life Span of Refugees, discovered that the stress of fleeing your home could lead to overall poor mental health (Hollifield et al). It also reported that around 10% experienced impairing diagnostic-level mental disorders such as PTSD and Major Depression.

Religion as Recreation

According to the California State Parks, recreational activities are instrumental in the reduction of stress. We will first look at the recreational value of religion. In his article The Recreational Value of Religion, Frederic Siedenburg gives a definition of religion.

“Religion” comes from two Latin words, re and ligo “to rebind.” It is the conscious acknowledgment of the dependence, the intrinsic binding of the creature to the Creator; the acknowledgment of the effect to the cause; the allegiance of the human spirit to its First Cause or, if you will, its Creator God. If the law of causality has any logical force and we and the world are always acting as if it had, it must be admitted that ultimately there must be a First Cause, a Prime Mover, whom I shall call God. Religion is the practical acknowledgment of this truth. It finds its highest expression in the free acknowledgment of man, its lowest in the necessary obedience to the laws of nature in the least of creatures. Hence it has been said with truth that man can rise, “from nature up to nature’s God.”

Siedenburg also makes a good point when he states: “The man who pretends to ignore religion, or even the so-called atheist, must admit that there are times, serious moments in the life of every thinking man, when he asks the all mysterious “whence” and the all important “whither.”

Siedenburg continues, “Religion’s highest recreational function consists in this, that it lifts the mind and heart from the humdrum, the noise, the turmoil, the commonplaces of life, to the calm, consoling strata of another world. These recreate the body as well as the mind because they bring change, variety, and forgetfulness of the pressing present, which are the very substance of recreation.”

This isn’t to say that recreation is religion’s primary function. Recreational value flows from religion. Siedenburg states: “When the children of Israel chanted their canticles they were refreshed in body as well as in spirit; when they praised Jehovah they at the same time lifted themselves into the realms of a higher world.”

We can see this throughout church history when the Pilgrims made the church the center of community.

Reading as Recreation

Dr. Nancy Prince-Cohen, professor at California Polytechnic University, conducted a study when she was a K-12 educator to determine to what degree of recreation did reading provide. Her study states that there are three main purposes of recreational reading: Reading to Check Reality, Reading to Escape and Reading to Learn Specific Skills or Information.


There is something immensely comforting about reading the Word of God. To meditate on the sovereignty of God in a troubling situation, has brought many saints comfort through the ages. One of the key doctrines of the bible is that God orders the entire universe. “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father.” – Matthew 10:29

Teaching and Wisdom

The Bible is also good for education. It speaks of a person’s obligation to God and other people. It gives moral imperatives.

2 Timothy 3:16-17:”All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

Means of Grace

The Bible has been described as a love letter from God. Other’s describe it as a means of grace, a conduit through which grace is poured into the believer.

Waterproof Bible

1. Waterproof Paper will withstand up to rain and other adverse weather conditions.
2. The bible floats.
3. Stain resistant.
1. This bible is more expensive than a standard bible.
2. This bible is pretty light at 1.7 pounds.

CSB Apologetics Bible

1. Essential apologetic articles included to assist in evangelization of others in your group without additonal literature needed.
1. This bible is pretty hefty at 2.4 pounds.
2. Being a study bible, will affect study of the Word, some people rely to heavily on commentary, while others not enough.

The Founders’ Bible

1. The book is full of American history, and has biographical sketches.
2. The book is full of American history, and has biographical sketches.
3. There are also transcripts of famous presidental speeches.
1. The heirloom version of this bible is the only one that comes with copies of founding documents.
2. This bible is over 4 pounds.

ESV Reformation Study Bible Condensed

1. The bible has commentary that provides both sides of theological arguments.
2. The bible is compact and weighs only 2 pounds.
1. The text is a little small.

ESV Heirloom Wide Margin Bible

1. Exceptional Quality with goat skin cover and Smyth-sewn binding.
2. This bible will last for generations. Lifetime uarantee from Crossway.
1. This bible is the most expensive one on the list.
2. This bible is pretty hefty at 80 ounces.

ESV Study Bible Personal Size

1. Built in theological commentary.
2. Decent stitching should hold up well.
1. Cover isn’t made to withstand the elements and will wear quickly in Bug Out situations.
2. 50 ounces (3 pounds) is still fairly substantial weight in a BOB.